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Healthcare for School Staff

Discounted Private Healthcare

  Key facts

·         Comprehensive Bupa Scheme.

·         Scheme runs on an annual basis from April to March. Applications can be submitted on a monthly basis with cover commencing on the 1 of the month following receipt by Employee Services.

·         12 equal monthly payments deducted from your salary.

·         Available to all staff with over one year contract - excludes casual staff.

·         £100 excess payment - payable once per person per membership year - to help keep premiums as low as possible.

  Summary of Bupa scheme

·         Comprehensive healthcare cover ranging from in-patient consultation, testing and treatment, as well as out-patient consultation, treatment, therapy and scans. There is also a 24 hour helpline staffed by qualified nurses - see link for specific scheme details.

  •          Cover for you and your partner/family. A ‘family’ for scheme purposes is 2 adults and your children -children must be under the age of 24.

·         In order to receive treatment in a Bupa hospital you need to be referred by your GP in the first instance.

·         Please note that certain medical conditions and treatments are not covered under the scheme.

·         Pregnancy and childbirth, seeing a GP privately, cosmetic treatment and chronic health conditions. Treatment of pre-existing conditions ie diseases, illnesses or injuries members already have or have suffered when they join, if these are likely to give rise to a need for treatment in the future. This exclusion also includes treatment of any symptoms or conditions that arises out of, or is related to a pre-existing condition.

Subscription costs

Bupa rates are now offered on an individual basis based on your age and personal circumstances. Please contact Employee Services who will arrange to get you a quote.

Extra Notes

To qualify as a scheme member, the following restrictions apply:

·         Employees must have a minimum of a one year contract and be paid on our payroll

·         Temporary/casual staff and Members are unable to join the scheme as Bupa can only accept payments directly from our payroll.

Want to know more?

Contact Employee Services:

·         Tel: 0118 974 ext 6044 or ext 6080

·         Email: employee.services@wokingham.gov.uk

·         Or contact a Bupa consultant directly on 08457 515 515 or visit the Bupa website.

What do I need to do to join?

Complete the below application form and deductions and return them to your school bursar.

Bupa will issue you with a Membership certificate and pack.

What must I do if I leave employment?

You must ensure that you advise Employee Services if you leave employment in order that your Bupe membership can be cancelled correctly.

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