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Sickness Absence Policy

Sickness Absence Policy

Attached is the Wokingham Model Managing Sickness Absence Policy for schools, incorporating Ill Health Capability Procedures that we recommend Governing Bodies adopt.  

Traded Schools can contact Nicky Barlow, Christine Thresher or the HR Helpdesk HREnquiries@wokingham.gov.uk for sample letters to use when managing Sickness Absence cases.

Occupational Health

For Traded Schools Cordell Health are the Occupational Health providers.

They work in partnership with the Traded Schools to provide advice and support in maintaining and improving employee health and minimising absence due to ill health, predominantly through post job offer placement assessment screening and management OH referrals.

Phone:  0118 2076190

Email:   admin@cordellhealth.co.uk

The role of our Occupational Health provider is to make an independent assessment of employee’s medical fitness to perform their job, and to offer support and advice to both employees and managers. They give constructive advice concerning the employee's situation, and advise management on the best possible way to support staff when planning a return to work after a period of sickness absence, or where temporary or permanent adjustments may be needed for employees to be able to perform their job.

Post Job Offer Placement Assessment is set up by the school via the relevant portal. A contact email address for the new employee will be required.

Referer's Information

If you intend to refer a member of your staff to Occupational Health you will need to discuss this with them first, explaining why you are referring them.

You will need to complete the manager’s referral questionnaire below.  (Please read the OH Guide for Managers below, before completing a referral).    This must contain as much information as possible in order to explain the reason and context of the referral, and must indicate the questions that you need OH to respond on.  It may also be useful to supply supporting information such as the employee’s job description and any relevant risk assessment carried out.  The referral should be sent directly to Cordell Health via the portal. Log in details will have been provided directly to the schools from Cordell Health.

Cordell Health will make contact with the employee to discuss the health issues and/or arrange an appointment to meet with them.   Cordell Health will send a report directly back to the referring manager at the school.

Cordell Health undertake in person and on the phone OH consultations.  

A few tips when making a referral 

The Cordell Health system times out after approximately 20 minutes when submitting forms so please have all your information to hand and use the save function at the bottom of the referral at regular intervals.

In order to attach documents you need to do this in one go.  Hold the control key down and click on the relevant files to select more than one document at a time.  You cannot add documents one at a time.

You do not need to answer all the questions on the pre-employment questionnaire in order to generate a report. You only need to tick the boxes relevant to the job role of the person you are submitting

Employee Information

If you have been, or are in the process of being referred, to Occupational Health, please see the OH Guide for Employees below. 


For more information please contact us:  

Email: hrenquiries@wokingham.gov.uk or call 0118 974 6116

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