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Report a serious concern

Report a Serious Concern

We are committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability. This means we encourage public or employees with serious concerns about how we conduct our business to come forward and voice these concerns. 

If you have a serious concern about any aspect of the school’s work, should in the first instance raise their concerns using one of the following methods:

•               Inform Line Manager or Head Teacher, or

•               Chair of Governors

However if you do not feel able to raise them internally, or if they have raised them internally but you are not satisfied with how it has been dealt with, you can contact the Director of Children’s Services at Wokingham Borough Council on 0118 974 6055 to seek guidance on how to proceed.

Please refer to the school’s whistleblowing policy for further detail.

If you have serious concerns about a council matter not specific to a school, please refer to WBC’s whistleblowing arrangements - Report a serious concern / whistleblowing - Wokingham Borough Council

Your concerns will be treated in confidence.

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