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Attendance Guidance

Attendance Guidance

The better your child’s attendance the better they should do educationally. Research shows that children who attend school regularly are likely to be more successful.

General guidance -:

  • Make yourself aware of school attendance policy, rules and routines
  • Get into a routine of daily school attendance as soon as your child starts school
  • Be on time for morning registration
  • Inform school on the 1st day of any illness
  • Whenever possible arrange dentist and non-urgent medical appointments outside school times
  • Show an interest in your child’s work and maintain contact with school
  • Speak to school in the first instance if you or your child have any concerns about school
  • Request permission in advance from school if you have an exceptional reason for an absence.
  • For older pupils at secondary school check attendance with school and know where they are in case there is a safeguarding issue.


Unacceptable reasons for absence from school-:

  • Shopping trips
  • Birthdays
  • Non urgent medical and dental appointments