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Wokingham Integrated Curriculum Project (WIC)

Wokingham Integrated Curriculum Project (WIC)


The Wokingham Integrated Curriculum Project (WIC) Primary project was launched in May 2006 and continues to ensure the debate about curriculum innovation and integration is kept alive.  The curriculum project is designed to help schools with whole-school curriculum development planning.


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The principles behind the Project are set against the background of high-achieving schools in the Borough with a deal of autonomy in curriculum matters, and are as follows: 

  • Schools need to provide a broad, balanced, rich curriculum for all children

  • This curriculum needs to help children make explicit links in their learning, and provide children with the opportunity to practice core skills across their curriculum experience

  • The curriculum might require an over-arching theme or 'driver' setting the context for the children's experiences. This might be a particular curriculum area, or a statement such as 'My Place in the World'

  • Children learn best through first-hand, 'real' experiences

  • The curriculum needs to ensure meaning is made from experiences given

  • The curriculum needs to build strong conceptual development in children

  • The curriculum needs to build on success for every child, with clear progression mapped for every child


Curriculum Plans

Within these principles, schools and Networks produced curriculum plans.  Each school or Network listed via the links on the left submitted information, planning tools, pictures and details of events as part of this project. They have submitted it in the spirit of sharing practice, and in the hope that it can be useful to schools who are undertaking similar work. Please click on the links to the left to view the work of some of the contributing schools.  

Five schools held Curriculum Case Conferences: Walter Infant and Nursery School, The Colleton Primary School, Farley Hill Primary School, The Hawthorns Primary School and St Teresa’s RC Primary School. 


WIC conference 2007

On November 9th 2007 we held the WIC Conference at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, attended by over 160 teachers, amongst which were 6 schools that sent their entire teaching staff group. The day opened with a rousing video address from Mick Waters, Curriculum Development Director at QCA, followed by a superb presentation by Nigel Furness, a QCA Curriculum Adviser and also the previous headteacher at White Rock Primary School, Paignton, Devon. He then went on to lead a seminar about his school. Other seminars were offered by staff from Lambs Lane Primary School and Palmer Junior School, and the Borough's ICT Team. The day concluded with a sensitive and poignant plenary with Nicola Bloom, a regional adviser from the Primary National Strategy.  Many delegates commented on the excellent PowerPoint presentation from Nigel Furness.  Both this, and the opening words from Mick Waters, is available electronically by contacting Jim Mathieson - jim.mathieson@wokingham.gov.uk


Curriculum Design Workshop 2010

On July 12 and 13 2010 a group of Wokingham teachers, headteachers, and LA officers, (accompanied by our QCDA regional adviser Joy Waelend), spent two days at Ufton Court Education Centre to work on curriculum development materials. 

The group successfully completed a complete curriculum map for the 6 years of Key Stages 1 and 2 for a fictitious primary school in Wokingham Town. This was particularly exciting because we managed to marry the current National Curriculum objectives with those of the ‘New’ Primary Curriculum inspired by the work of Sir Jim Rose.

The group also produced detailed planning for one topic per term for each of the six years, as well as generic guidance notes for schools’ curriculum development work. These materials are designed to stimulate thought and discussion in schools who undertake curriculum review and development work. They are available via the Curriculum Design Workshop link on the left.


More information

More information on this project is available from jim.mathieson@wokingham.gov.uk