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The Role of the Appropriate Body

In this section you will find:

  • Registering an NQT

  • Confirmation of suitability for induction and its duration

  • Advice to NQTs and schools

  • Quality assurance of school based induction

  • Notification to the General Teaching Council

Registering an NQT

All NQTs wishing to embark on induction must be registered by their school with the appropriate body.The appropriate body for all local authority maintained schools within Wokingham is Wokingham Local Authority.Academies and Independent schools may reach an agreement with the local authority to act as the appropriate body.

Forms for registration can be found under the forms and guidance section of this website.

Confirmation of suitability for induction and its duration

The appropriate body will advise on the suitability of the post held by an NQT for induction.Based on the duration and nature of the contract the appropriate body will also advise the school on the duration of the induction period.

Advice to NQTs and schools

The appropriate body will provide aapropriate guidance and support in relation to NQT induction programmes, enabling any NQTs to raise concerns with the named person directly and providing guidance to Induction tutors.In Wokingham support to induction tutors is provided through the termly induction tutor network.

Quality Assurance

The Appropriate Body has the main quality assurance role within the induction process. It will establish that head teachers are aware of/capable of meeting their responsibilities and that the monitoring, support, assessment and guidance procedures in place are fair and appropriate.

Quality assurance mechanisms include:

· Training and termly network meetings for Induction Tutors

· Links with national agencies inc. GTC, DfE and TDA

· Guidance material for Induction Tutors and NQTs

· Highlighting progress of NQTs with School Improvement Officers by Head teachers

· Arranging professional development for NQTs through the induction programme subscription package

· Scrutiny of completed assessment forms and follow up

· Providing opportunities for NQTs to give feedback

· at training events

· through comments on their assessment form

· NQT survey

· through the LA’s ‘named contact’

· Quality assurance checks by School Improvement Officers

· Sample quality assurance checksof school based induction where appropriate.This may involve the School Improvement Officer or Local Authority named person meeting with the NQT, Induction tutor and headteacher. A exemplar checklist can be found in the forms and guidance section of this website

Notification to the General Teaching Council

When all the final forms for that term have been received the appropriate body informs the General Teaching Council listing all the NQTs in the Authority who have successfully completed induction during that term, those who have left before completion and of any extensions.The GTC certificates are issued by the GTCE and sent direct to the home address provided by the NQT on the GTC database.