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Duration and Structure of Induction

Duration and Structure of Induction

In this section you will find:

  •  A handy guide to the structure of induction

  •  The length of the induction period

  •  Leaving during induction

  •  Employment in more than one school

  •  Extending induction

  •  Reducing induction


A handy guide to the structure of induction








The ITT provider and trainee complete Transition Point 1 section of CEDP


Final assessment takes place.

Award of QTS






Appointment as NQT

Register NQT with AB

School invites NQT pre-visit


Term 1


NQT takes part in schools’ Initial Induction Programme

LA reception for NQTs

Individual Support Programme for NQTs including, for example:

·Observation of experienced teachers in own school

·Discussion with school SENCO

·Taking part in internal training events

·Attendance at LA training events

·Observation of teachers with specific expertise in other schools

·Involvement in other external training

·Support from ASTs and Leading Teachers

·Shadowing form tutors, subject co-ordinators


Review meeting

Setting of objectives for induction based on the CEDP, school context, the relevant standards (First week)


Observation of NQT and follow-up discussion (within 4 weeks)


Term 2


Assessment Form completed for 1st induction period. Signed by Head, Induction Tutor and NQT. Returned to AB


Observation of NQT and follow-up discussion


Meeting to evaluate progress against induction standards and objectives from action plan




Term 3


Observation of NQT and follow-up discussion


Meeting to review progress, objectives and action plan


Term 4


Assessment Form completed for 2nd induction period. Signed by Head, Induction Tutor and NQT. Returned to LA


Observation of NQT and follow-up discussion


Meeting to evaluate progress against relevant standards and objectives from action plan


Term 5


Observation of NQT and follow-up discussion


Meeting to review progress, objectives and action plan


Term 6


Final assessment form completed. Recommendation from Head teacher. Signed by Head, Induction Tutor and NQT. Returned to LA


Observation of NQT and follow-up discussion


Meeting to review progress across the induction period. Decision regarding successful completion of induction. Consider professional development priorities for second year of teaching. Completion of CEDP Transition Point 3

Continuing professional and career development


Second Year

Participation in performance review cycle



The length of the induction period

The LA will advise schools on the length of each NQT’s induction period. Normally an NQT in a maintained school is required to serve 195 days.A full-time NQT who starts their induction in a FE institution must serve 189 days.

If the NQT is part-time, this is calculated pro rata so that the same number of school sessions as a full‑time NQT are covered.For example, if you have a 0.5 (50%) contract your induction period will last for six terms.If .6 it is 195 ÷ 0.6 = 325 days.The first assessment point would be at 108 days.

The minimum period of employment that can be counted is one term (if three terms in academic year).This is to ensure that the NQT is in post long enough for those responsible to form a fair and reasonable opinion of their work and to demonstrate progress against the core standards over a sustained period of time in a stable environment.

Leaving during induction

It is possible to serve:

· Two terms in one institution and one in another

· One and a half terms in one institution and one and a half in another

· Three terms in different institutions

It is not possible to serve two and a half terms in one and the remaining half in another.These NQTs would therefore serve a longer period than specified.

You can take a break in induction.

If an NQT leaves a school having completed less than a pro-rata full term (e.g. one term on a 0.5 contract) this will still count towards induction but detailed records and an interim induction report will needto be aggregated with subsequent induction at the next school.

If an NQT leaves a school before completing induction, make sure you have copies of assessment forms to provide to any future school, to be used to plan the rest of the induction.The records will be retained by the school and the Appropriate Body for six years.

The Head teacher should contact the NQT’s previous Appropriate Body to obtain a copy of any assessment forms including any interim assessment/s; and establish how much of the period has been completed and how much remains to be served, including any absences during any previous periods of induction served.Obtaining the assessment reports and associated information will enable the Headteacher to develop an appropriately targeted programme and consider early action in cases where an NQT may need specific or additional support, facilitate scheduling of the outstanding formal assessments on an appropriate cycle and ensure early identification of circumstances where a pre-completion extension due to absences during the period may be necessary.

To avoid any confusion at a later date it is good practice to confirm how much of the induction period has already been completed and any absences directly with the NQT as soon as the information is available after appointment. This is important as absences totalling 30 days or more must lead to the induction period being extended.

Employment in more than one institution simultaneously

You can complete induction in more than one school at the same time, as long as you have a contract with each of the schools lasting for at least one term.One Head teacher will take overall responsibility for your induction, completing the assessments and keeping the LA informed.

Extending the induction period

The induction period can be extended before completion by the appropriate body in the following circumstances only:

1. Maternity leave. If an NQT has a break in her induction which includes statutory maternity leave, she may choose whether or not to have induction extended by the equivalent of the part of her absence which was statutory maternity leave. Any outstanding assessments should not be made until she returns to work and has had the opportunity to decide whether to extend induction, and any such request must be granted. If an NQT chooses not to extend her induction period following a period of statutory maternity leave her performance will still be assessed against the core standards. It is, therefore, recommended that an individual in this situation seeks advice from her Headteacher, Induction Tutor or an appropriate union or professional association before making such a decision. For information on statutory maternity leave entitlements, please visit: www.direct.gov.uk/en/employment/employees/workandfamilies

2. Sick leave or other absences If an NQT is absent from work for 30 school days or more during the induction period due tosickness or some other reason, an extension is mandatory and will last for the equivalentnumber of days.If serving an extension at another school, you will need to serve at least a term there. Where an NQT is absent for a further period(s) during a pre-completion extension, the appropriate body must judge what action to take including whether a post-completion extension should apply. An individual’s induction period can only be subject to a pre-completion extension once.

The appropriate body has the option, when making its decision at the end of the induction period to extend the period where this can be justified. It determines the length of the extension, the procedure for assessments during it, and the recommendation at its end.

The appropriate body may decide to extend where there is insufficient evidence on which a decision can be based or where it would be unreasonable to expect the NQT to have demonstrated satisfactory performance against the relevant standards for other reasons. These might include:

  • personal crises

  • illness

  • disability

  • issues around the support during induction or

  • where there is insufficient evidence within induction documentation for a decision to be made about whether the NQT’s performance against the standards is satisfactory.

An NQT may be unable to, or choose not to, serve an extension in the same school/institution in which they completed their original induction period. They will then need to find another post in which to complete the extension to their induction period. In these circumstances the minimum period of employment must still be served as the NQT will be working in a new institution.

If an NQT leaves an institution having started but before completing their extension, the head teacher/principal should complete an interim assessment form and notify the appropriate body.

Reducing the induction period in exceptional circumstances

Even though some teachers already have significant teaching experience when they enter the maintained sector for the first time, they are still required to serve statutory induction. In such cases, appropriate bodies have discretion to reduce the length of the induction period to a minimum of one term (based on an academic year of three terms) to recognise this experience.In making such a decision they must take account of advice from the head teacher/principal and gain the agreement of the teacher concerned.

If a teacher wishes to serve the full induction period they must be permitted to do so. The appropriate body may wish to consider what evidence of previous experience and performance they require in reaching their decision including performance management documentation from previous teaching employment. Examples of when this discretion might be considered appropriate include a teacher who has taught in the independent sector or who has gained QTS via the assessment only route5.

The appropriate body also has discretion to reduce the prescribed induction period by up to 29 days where this falls short of a full year and to account for ad hoc absences.