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NQT Entitlements and Responsibilities

Your entitlements, roles and responsibilities as an NQT

In this section you will find:

  • Your first post

  • Your entitlements

  • Your responsibilities

  • Your reduced timetable

  • Your Career Entry Development Profile

  • Your first post

In order for the NQT to serve induction the head teacher/principal and appropriate body must first agree that the post is suitable for this purpose.

The head teacher/principal of the institution in which an NQT is serving an induction period, and the appropriate body, are jointly responsible for ensuring that the supervision and training of the NQT meets their development needs.

The duties assigned to the NQT and the conditions under which they work should be such as to facilitate a fair and effective assessment of the NQT’s conduct and efficiency as a teacher against the relevant standards.

In particular a suitable post must:

  • have a head teacher/principal to make the recommendation about whether the NQT’s performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory,

  • have prior agreement with an appropriate body to act in this role to quality assure the induction process;

  • provide the NQT with the necessary employment tasks, experience and support to enable them to demonstrate satisfactory performance against the relevant standards throughout and by the end of the induction period;

  • ensure the appointment of an induction tutor with QTS;

  • provide the NQT with a reduced timetable to enable them to undertake activities in their induction programme (see para 2.19);

  • not make unreasonable demands upon the NQT;

  • not normally demand teaching outside the age range and/or subject(s) for which the NQT has been employed to teach;

  • not present the NQT, on a day-to-day basis, with discipline problems that are unreasonably demanding for the setting;

  • involve the NQT regularly teaching the same class(es);

  • involve similar planning, teaching and assessment processes to those in which other teachers working in similar substantive posts in the institution are engaged; and

  • not involve additional non-teaching responsibilities without the provision of appropriate preparation and support.

Your entitlements

  • As an NQT you are entitled to:

  • a suitably experienced Induction Tutor, with whom you will meet regularly (in secondary schools and some larger primaries you will have a subject mentor/planning partner or a ‘buddy’ as well as the formal Induction Tutor)

  • discussion around your Career Entry and Development Profile (CEDP) with your Induction Tutor

  • an individualised induction programme, providing support, monitoring and assessment, in which you and your Induction Tutor plan a programme of professional development opportunities based on your strengths, needs and aspirations

  • observation of your teaching each half term, followed by professional review meetings at which you and your Induction Tutor review your progress against your objectives and revise your objectives and action plan if necessary

  • a 10% reduction in timetable, compared with the usual contact time in the school, in the context of PPA time(including if FE and independent)

  • a planned programme of how this time will be used, e.g.:

    - focused observation of colleagues

    - visits to other schools and settings

    - observing an Advanced Skills Teacher

    - review and revision of objectives

    - working on your portfolio

    - meetings with LA adviser

    - attendance at LA induction training and other courses

    - information gathering

    - meetings with Induction Tutor/Headteacher

    - planned study and reflection

    - meeting with colleagues, e.g. SENCO

  • formal assessment: a meeting towards the end of each term, reviewing progress against your objectives and the relevant standards, and an assessment report (which is submitted to the LA)

  • a job description that does not make unreasonable demands

  • access to an LA contact, who will help to ensure provision of monitoring, support, guidance and assessment, and who can be approached regarding any queries or problems (contact Christine Leigh in the first instance) early identification of any problems, and additional support if the need arises

Remember that induction is done ‘with you’, not ‘to you’.

Your responsibilities

As an NQT you have responsibilities and you should:

· check evidence that you have passed any skills tests and have been awarded QTS

· provide copies of previous assessment reports if you have undertaken any part of the induction period at a different school

· discuss aspirations with the Head teacher and/or Induction Tutor at the beginning of induction, using the CEDP to begin working together to set, review and revise objectives for professional development

· participate fully in the programme of monitoring, support and assessment agreed with the Induction Tutor

· take part in, and contribute to, regular professional reviews of progress with the Induction Tutor

· attend regular assessment meetings with the Head teacher and/or Induction Tutor

· take increasing responsibility for professional development as the induction support programme progresses

· raise quickly any concerns about the content and/or delivery of the programme of monitoring, support and assessment with the school initially, before contacting the Appropriate Body Induction Coordinator

· gather evidence by keeping a portfolio to record professional development throughout the induction period, to contribute to assessment during induction, to record strengths and achievements and to assist in future performance reviews and career planning. Please note that the portfolio is not expected to be detailed and is not externally assessed.

· agree with Induction Tutor how best to use the reduced timetable allowance

· monitor your own progress against the relevant standards

· if you are a cohort 1 teacher pass the numeracy test before completing the induction period

· retain copies of all assessment forms

· agree with the tutor the start and the dates of the induction periods and the dates of any absences from work during any period

Your reduced timetable

NQTs must have a reduction of 10% of their teaching timetable compared with other teachers at the school; this is to give you time to focus on your development.

If you work part-time, this will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.This means that if you areteaching 2 days (0.4) a week you must be contractually employed for a longer proportion of the week, to include the additional development time, during which you may be required to be in school.

In addition to this, you are entitled to planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time based on 10% of your actual timetabled teaching commitment.In most cases this will be 10% of the 90%.

Your Career Entry Development Profile

You will have used your CEDP to support your reflection on your training, and you must bring the CEDP to your first post, so that you and your Induction Tutor can use it when planning the induction programme.The CEDP can also be used beyond the induction period.