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What Is Induction? How to Get Started

How to get started

In this section you will find:

What is induction

Who has to serve induction?

A quick checklist to get started

What is induction?

Induction is a unique opportunity to build on theknowledge and skills already acquired, give an NQT the tools to be an effective and successful teacher and provide the foundation for continuing professional and career development.It thus makes a real and sustained contribution to school improvement and to raising classroom standards.

As the programme progresses, induction helps an NQT to take increasing responsibility for their own professional development.It will:

  • provide a programme of monitoring, guidance and support tailored to individual needs

  • involve the NQT and Head teacher or Induction Tutor in discussions, resulting in short, medium and long term objectives relating to identified individual needs, the specific school context and the requirements for the satisfactory completion of induction

  • involve regular reviews of progress against the Teacher Standards 2012, leading to termly reports

  • develop skills of self‑evaluation and provide a sound foundation for CPD

An NQT should be provided with opportunities to:

  • enhance the knowledge and skills developed during training

  • show potential

  • make rapid advancement towards excellence in teaching

  • begin to make a real impact on the school’s development

NB. A teacher with QTS who fails to meet the relevant standards will not be eligible for employment as a teacher in a maintained school.We know that this happens rarely, and NQTs are given every support by the school and LA to successfully complete induction.

Who has to serve induction?

Subject to certain exemptions a qualified teacher cannot be employed as a teacher in a relevant* school in England unless they have satisfactorily completed an induction period in accordance with the Regulations.

While NQTs are encouraged to start their induction as soon as possible after gaining qualified teacher status (QTS), there is no set time limit for starting or completing an induction period.

Those NQTs working part time or fixed term are included (except where a period of employment is for less than a term).The duration of the induction period for a part-time NQT is lengthened pro rata.

* a relevant school is explained in detail in the section on qualifying for induction

A checklist to get started

This checklist will ensure that an NQT is eligible to start induction and that they are fully aware of everyone’s roles and responsibilities.It may also be a helpful guide for headteachers and induction mentors. 

Have you been awarded QTS, provided the school with a copy of your QTS certificate and evidence of passing the skills tests?


Have you completed any induction assessments elsewhere and provided copies to the school who will inform the LA?


Have you been assigned an Induction Tutor?


Are you receiving a 10% reduced timetable as well as PPA time?


Have you familiarised yourself with Teacher Standards via the Teaching Agency or Wokingham websites?


Has your Induction Tutor set up a programme of observations and feedback/ progress review meetings, including the first observation in the first four weeks?


Have you set objectives for induction within an action plan with your Tutor, using notes from the CEDP transition point 1, the school context and the Teacher Standards?


Do you have an individualised and structured induction support programme in place? E.g. week-by-week plan, observing other teachers, time with SENCO, attending central training, time with your Induction Tutor, visits to other schools, working with an Advanced Skills Teacher, research and other development opportunities?


If you are P/T and/or on a temporary contract are you clear about how induction arrangements will work, including your NQT time and assessment dates?


Your role includes regular class teaching responsibilities as opposed to solely cover or PPA duties


Has your Tutor arranged formal termly assessment meetings with you?