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Online Safety Resources for Parents

Online Safety Resources for Parents

This page provides links to resources and guidance for schools with respect to online safety in the home.  

  1. Parental Controls
  2. Video based resources to share
  3. Other useful resources

There are some additional resources to support schools behind the school WSH Login. Schools should click on this link and use your WSH login: Online Safety Additional Resources 

Parental Controls

Parental Controls allow parents to:

  1. Set up filters to block content
  2. Control access time and length of access
  3. Control access to stores or prevent downloading
  4. Block particular Apps

Controls can be set up on individual devices, by Internet Service Providers, or by phone and network service providers.  Please refer to individual providers for the most up to date support and advice. Below are some key sites that provide you with information and links to set up parental controls.


Video Based Resources to share 

Remember to view all videos and think carefully before sharing them with your children or parents 

Other Useful Resources