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Wokingham Primary Computing Schemes of work - Sample

Wokingham Primary Computing Schemes of Work - Sample

The full versions of the Schemes of Work are available at this link.

Wokingham ICT in schools team developed the computing schemes of work in 2014 when the computing curriculum was updated. We have continued to update and improve the schemes in response to changes in technology and new guidance. The most recent version includes the framework Education for the Connected World 

The Computing scheme covers all year groups Years 1 – 6. It is divided into Key Stage 1, Lower KS2, and Upper KS2. The scheme has three overarching strands namely Digital Literacy, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

Information Technology – this will include data, graphics, sound and multimedia

Digital Literacy – this will include effective use of search technologies, Keeping Safe in the Digital World by using technology safely and respectfully ensuring safe behaviours Online;

Computer Science - this unit focuses on programming, coding and controlling devices but also has aspects of understand computer networks including the internet.

Online safety is taught discretely in the 2 strands: Online Safety in a connected world - Keeping Safe Online and Online Safety - Keeping Safe in the Digital World but digital literacy underpins all units and strands where applicable.

Clear objectives and pupil outcomes allow teachers to make decisions about how they teach all aspects of the computing curriculum. A cross-curricular approach is at the heart of the scheme and includes the flexibility to use any software your school already has in order to achieve these outcomes.             

You can purchase the license for the schemes at £75 by contacting kathy.smedley@wokingham.gov.uk  A login will be provided to download the schemes and the supporting resources. Wokingham will invoice your schools directly. 

We also have an assessment tool available to support schools.

If you would like to know more information then please contact Kathy Smedley.