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English as an Additional Language

English as an Additional Language

Welcome to the English as an Additional Language (EAL) pages.  Use the links on the left to move around the various areas.

Here you will find guidance and resources to help you to support pupils who are learning English as an additional language, including beginners and more advanced learners.

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For further information on issues relating to English as an additional language, contact Emily Waddilove (Teaching and Learning Adviser) emily.waddilove@wokingham.gov.uk

LA support for EAL

Support is available for Wokingham school staff from Emily Waddilove, Teaching and Learning Advisor.

Support for EAL children attending Wokingham schools is available from two EAL Teaching Assistants, Lena Kulkhanjian and Barbara Szczerba. 

Support focuses on the needs of new arrivals, but support for more advanced learners of EAL can also be provided.

The document below outlines the support available in relation to new arrivals with EAL.

Support is usually charged for, as specified in the traded services information, but is provided free of charge where it relates to refugees or other particularly vulnerable new arrivals. Support is prioritised for vulnerable pupils.

Requesting support

To request support for staff from the Teaching and Learning Advisor, please contact Emily Waddilove: emily.waddilove@wokingham.gov.uk 

To request support from an EAL Teaching Assistant, please complete the relevant request form below and return it to Emily Waddilove: emily.waddilove@wokingham.gov.uk

Form to request classroom support from an EAL Teaching Assistant:

Form to request bilingual classroom support for Polish or Arabic speaking pupils:

Bilingual support - Reading University Students in Schools scheme

To request support from a bilingual Reading University student volunteer, please complete the form below and return it directly to the Students in Schools coordinator at sis@reading.ac.uk

NB The university does not guarantee that a student speaking the required language will be found, but do their best to fulfil requests. Students come into school for 1½ - 2 hours a week for one term. Students are likely to find it difficult to get to schools which do not have good public transport links with the university.