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Arabic Resources

Subject key words

application/pdfArt - Key Words - Arabic (253KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfDesign & Technology - Food and Fabric Arabic (125KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfDesign and Technology - Wordlist Arabic (76KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfDrama - Wordlist Arabic (76KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfEnglish - Adjectives, similes and metaphors.pdf (312KB)21/11/2017Download
application/pdfEnglish - Biographies and Autobiographies (350KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Character Features (84KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Conjunctions - Connectives (245KB)18/11/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Features of Instructions (352KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Irregular Verbs - Infinitive, Present & Past Tense (38KB)18/11/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Key Words Used in Poetry (104KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - List of Dual Language Verbs (314KB)18/11/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - List of Dual Language Verbs (345KB)08/09/2016Download
application/pdfEnglish - List of Dual Language Verbs.pdf (345KB)21/11/2017Download
application/pdfEnglish - Literary and grammatical terms - Arabic (79KB)07/08/2013Download
application/vnd.ms-powerpointEnglish - Opposites (2.58MB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Other Words synonyms of Said.pdf (211KB)21/11/2017Download
application/pdfEnglish - Personal & Possessive Pronouns & Adjectives (372KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Persuasive Writing (84KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfEnglish - Prepositions.pdf (44KB)21/11/2017Download
application/pdfEnglish - Some Commonly Used Adjectives and Adverbs - Arabic (108KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfEnglish - Vocabulary related to Information Books (69KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfGeography - Coastal Key Words (286KB)08/09/2016Download
application/pdfGeography - Key Words - Arabic (125KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfGeography - Rivers (5.44MB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfGeography - The Weather (215KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfGeography - Weather and Time Wordlist (81KB)27/01/2014Download
application/pdfHistory - Key Words - Arabic (101KB)07/08/2013Download
application/pdfHistory - The Ancient Greeks.pdf (985KB)21/11/2017Download
application/pdfHistory - Who's Who in WWII.pdf (386KB)21/11/2017Download
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