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EAL Guidance and Teaching Materials

EAL Guidance and Teaching Materials 

Please see the links on the left for guidance on various topics relating to support for EAL pupils.

Please see the EAL Training page for further guidance and useful documents.


School closure period and EAL pupils

The document below includes ideas we are gathering from Wokingham schools and schools across the region and country for supporting EAL pupils during the school closure period. We hope that this list will grow over time. Do let Emily Waddilove or other members of the school improvement team know about what your school is doing so that we can share good practice.
Useful materials from The Bell Foundation:

Bell Foundation webinars:



- Supporting home learning of primary EAL pupils

- Supporting home learning of secondary EAL pupils

- Assessing the learning of EAL pupils before and after school closures

- Expert advice on supporting the home learning of EAL pupils

New Bell Foundation website area - Supporting home learning for EAL pupils:


Bell Foundation blog: 


Including ‘ Working with parents to support the learning of EAL pupils’

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