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Teaching Materials

In this section you will find materials for teaching EAL pupils, in addition to those on the 'Teaching and Learning' page, National Strategies Materials pages, New Arrivals Toolkit pages and Arabic and Polish pages. Some of the materials will be useful for all pupils but are particularly helpful for EAL pupils; others are to support differentiation for EAL pupils or for use in small group sessions with EAL pupils.

On this page are general language resources and English teaching resources. Use the links on the left to find resources for Science, Maths and beginner EAL learners.


See the Arabic and Polish pages for Key instruction words and phrases in Arabic and Polish.


Reading Comprehension - Jigsaw reading activity

Active reading

Jigsaw reading - History of the Gurkhas - an active reading activity for whole class or group. Pupils need to share information about their version of the text in order to help each other to answer all the questions.

History of Gurkhas 1

History of Gurkhas 2

History of Gurkhas 3

History of Gurkhas 4

History of the Gurkhas - question sheet

Reading Comprehension materials: 'Pride in our town' - texts about Reading


These 12 texts produced by Jane Haysom, specialist teacher, will be very useful for EAL learners who are at the appropriate level to access them. Each text has 10 questions, mainly factual, some involving inference and deduction.

Key text features

- Non-fiction, high interest relating to our local town, Reading

- Decodable text – language very carefully chosen

- Clear font

- Double spaced text

- Each text has 300 – 350 words

- Text to be read twice – once for decoding and once for comprehension

English Literature