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New Arrivals Toolkit - Primary

New Arrivals with English as an Additional Language: A Toolkit for Primary Schools

Most of the documents listed below are included in a folder of guidance materials which was distributed to all primary schools in Wokingham in October 2012, with an updated version issued in October 2013. Additional and updated materials are also available here. 

New arrivals folder graphic


Please see the separate page for assessment guidance and assessment materials. (See the link at the top left of this page)

Additional Materials

Small group/ 1-1 sessions

Racing to English:

It is recommended that schools use the ‘Racing to English’ materials for supporting new arrivals. This CD, including over 300 language activities, costs £45 + £5 P and P. Ordering details can be found here: http://www.racingtoenglish.co.uk/odering.html

Below is a Ppt presentation introducing the resource.

Racing to English: An introduction - PPT

As well as using Racing to English in 1-1 or small group sessions, the photosets on the CD could also be used by a child in the classroom. The document below provides guidance on this.

Using Racing to English in the classroom

Planning small group/ 1-1 sessions:

Planning document

Example of completed planning document

Basic vocabulary

Basic sentence structures

Irregular verbs


Reading grid - beginners

Reading grid 2

Visual prompt cards for question words

Visual resources for basic communication

Communication fan

Playground fan

Survival language visuals

Example of a visual timetable

More resources lists

Dual language picture dictionaries for FS-KS2 are available from Mantra Lingua. Some children in KS2 are likely to benefit from a more advanced bilingual dictionary. Bay Foreign Language books are a good stockist of bilingual dictionaries for KS2-4 pupils:  https://www.baylanguagebooks.co.uk/

Supporting newly arrived EAL beginners - useful resources

Materials in other languages


Pupil self assessment questionnaire

Several organisations have developed assessment criteria that align with the DfE's Proficiency in English scale, and provide more detail to support assessment and target setting. The Hounslow Language Service criteria are recommended: www.ealhls.org.uk


Example buddy checklist for FS, KS1

Example buddy checklist for KS2

My Bilingualism Profile

For further information on support for new arrivals with EAL, please see the English as an additional language home page:  https://wsh.wokingham.gov.uk/learning-and-teaching/mea/eal/ 

More teaching materials for beginners are available on this page: http://wsh.wokingham.gov.uk/learning-and-teaching/mea/eal/eal-guidance/teaching-materials/