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New Arrivals Toolkit - Secondary

New Arrivals with English as an Additional Language: A Toolkit for Secondary Schools

The documents below form a toolkit that provides guidance and support for secondary school staff working with new arrivals with English as an additional language.

The aim of the toolkit is to support schools to develop inclusive provision for pupils who are newly arrived from abroad which will enable them to settle quickly and make good progress. The achievement of pupils depends on staff understanding of their social, emotional, cultural and language needs, and knowledge of good EAL teaching and learning practice. The materials in the toolkit provide guidance on admission, induction, assessment and teaching of new arrivals, many of whom will be at the early stages of learning English.

The materials are divided into six sections:

- Introduction and general advice

- Teaching guidance - including small group/ one to one sessions

- Assessment and information gathering

- Resources

- Appendix

- Information about languages


Teaching Guidance

How to support language acquisition

Teaching strategies for beginner learners of EAL

Teaching strategies for more advanced EAL learners

Activities to support vocabulary development

Examples of graphic organisers

Barrier games

Classroom observation checklist

Instruction words glossary

Key instruction words for translation

Example resources for English lessons

Example of differentiation - Year 10 English

Examples of differentiation - Science and English


Small group/ one to one sessions:

Planning small group/ 1-1 sessions:

Planning proforma for sessions with EAL learners at stages 1 and 2

Sample session plan 1

Sample session plan 2

Sample session plan 3 

Basic vocabulary

Basic sentence structures

Irregular verbs

Suggested induction programme

Teaching materials:

Racing to English: This excellent CD, including over 300 language activities, costs £45 + £5 P and P. Ordering details can be found here: http://www.racingtoenglish.co.uk/odering.html

Below is a Ppt presentation introducing the resource.

Racing to English: An introduction - PPT


Grid to support reading 1

Grid to support reading 2

Grid to support reading 3

Visual prompt cards for question words

English language learning text books

National Strategies Guided writing units for EAL learners

Clicker software and Write on Line software are very useful to support the writing of EAL learners:



Assessment and Information Gathering

Please see the separate page for assessment guidance and assessment materials. (See the link at the top left of this page).

Additional assessment materials:

Initial Pupil Profile

Questions to ask at the initial meeting with parents

Provision planning proforma for new arrivals

The assessment sheets below were devised by LA staff working in partnership with staff at The Bulmershe School. The writing sheets are designed to be used for student self-assessment. They are based on National Curriculum levels for English and the QCA 'steps' criteria designed for EAL pupils who are working below NC Level 1 English.

Pupil sheet writing Step 1 to Step 2

Pupil sheet writing Step 2 to Step 3

Pupil sheet writing Step 3 to Step 4

Pupil sheet writing Step 4 to Level 2

Pupil sheet writing Level 2 to Level 3

Pupil sheet writing Level 3 to Level 4

Speaking and listening assessment sheet


EAL websites and publications 

Bay Language Books - stockist of dual language dictionaries for schools

Materials in other languages

Example of a visual timetable

Learning English - websites, software


Subject specific guidance booklets on supporting EAL pupils can be found on this page:

Access and Engagement at KS3

For further information on support for new arrivals with EAL, please see the page 'LA support for Minority ethnic achievement and EAL' - http://wsh.wokingham.gov.uk/learning-and-teaching/mea/la-support-for-mea-eal/

More teaching materials are available at this link: http://wsh.wokingham.gov.uk/learning-and-teaching/mea/eal/eal-guidance/teaching-materials/