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Racist Incidents

Racist Incidents

Guidance on dealing with, recording and reporting

racist incidents in schools

The LA recommends that:

  • All discriminatory incidents should be recorded.

  • Summary information about discriminatory incidents should be regularly reported to governors and parents through the requirement of the Equality Act 2010 to publish equality information annually.

  • Schools’ behaviour policies should cover discriminatory incidents and bullying and make clear how staff and pupils should deal with them.

  • All teachers should be trained to deal with discriminatory incidents. 

  • Schools should always advise the police of any criminal activity related to discrimination.

Despite the commonly held belief (a belief also held by the DfE for some time), it is not, and never has been, statutory to record and report racist incidents. However, recording and reporting are still widely considered to be good practice, and their importance and value are reinforced by the Equality Act 2010.

Recording incidents enables schools to monitor incidents of prejudice related bullying, identify any actions required to eliminate discrimination, and evaluate whether actions taken are effective.

Ideally, the behaviour module in SIMS should be used to record details of individual incidents. Alternatively, schools may wish to use the form below.

Please see the Guidance document below for further guidance.

Collection of racist incidents data by the LA

The decision was taken several years ago that the LA would no longer collect racist incidents data from schools. This decision was reached for several reasons. One of the main reasons was that there was always great variation in schools’ recording of incidents, with some schools recording only incidents that they felt were very serious and others recording every incident. This meant that the data was not meaningful. Under the Equality Act 2010 it no longer makes sense to collect data only on racist incidents, as all prejudice-related incidents are now covered by one law. The LA continues to strongly encourage schools to record all discriminatory incidents and report on them to governors and parents, as per the guidance above.

School Improvement Officers may ask about prejudice-related bullying during their school visits.