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RISC is the Development Education Centre, which promotes Global Citizenship education in Berkshire and Oxfordshire schools.

Since 1984 RISC has worked with schools, local authorities, teacher training institutions and community organisations to raise the profile of global issues and promote action for sustainability, human rights and social justice.


RISC Education Team promotes Global Citizenship in schools and ITE through:

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  • Tailor made training

  • Delivery of the national Global Teachers Award

  • Training for ITE institutions across the region

  • Innovative work with schools measuring attitudinal change

  • A resource bank with over 3,000 photos free to download, artefacts to borrow, publications and inspirational lesson ideas

  • Roof Garden education for sustainability and global connections

  • RISC’s own teaching resources and publications, including e-bulletins

  • Advice on embedding a global dimension across the curriculum

  • Exhibitions for teachers’ centres and schools

Further Information

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For more info on all of these and more


You can find RISC at 35-39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS close to the town centre. It includes the World Shop, the Global Cafe and the award-winning edible roof garden, all of which can be used by teachers for local and global education.

To contact the education team at RISC

0118 9586692


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RISC map
RISC resource bank