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Useful Website Links

Useful Website Links

The website links below are useful for the delivery of MFL in Primary Schools. Click on the links on the left.

Primary Languages

Primary Languages is the training zone for teaching and learning languages at Key Stage 2. There are hundreds of short video clips of primary teachers delivering MFL in their classroom.

European Bookshop

This bookseller sells the Catherine Cheater Resource Packs as well as foreign language books. To find the resource packs on the site, search with the words 'Catherine Cheater'.

Golden Daffodils

The publisher of the Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work. Other resources available here including the Albert and Annick teddybears, Mon Ane DVD and French Dance in the Classroom DVD. 

Resources for the Classroom

The following sites all sell a wide range of resources for teaching MFL in the primary classroom.

If you would like some suggestions as to suitable resources for French, Spanish or German, click on the document below.