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Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews

Person centred reviews are held to review a child or young person’s Statement of SEN or EHC Plan. The child or young person, parent/s and all professionals involved with the child or young person (including Health and Social Care for EHC Plan reviews) should be invited. In Year 9, the review should be held as a Transition Review, so key agencies should be invited, who will provide information and support for pathways to adulthood. In addition, Transfer Reviews will be held as person centred reviews to transfer existing Statement of SEN to EHC plans.

Reviews where LA attendance is required will be prioritised for:

  • · a pupil’s needs have changed extensively
    · a change of school or type of placement being requested
    · Year 5 transition reviews, if a change of type of school (e.g. from mainstream to special or vice versa) is requested or there are major concerns about the transition
    ·  there are major concerns regarding the current placement
    ·  Transfer Review meetings

If the LA is required to attend, please avoid scheduling the meeting for Thursday afternoons.


6 weeks before the meeting: send out invitations
2 weeks before the meeting: circulate reports
10 days after the meeting: send reports to SEN

Setting Paperwork for Annual Reviews

Paperwork to be completed for all Annual Reviews for children/young people with Statements of Special educational needs or Education, Health and Care plans is provided below.

The Pre-Review report (and subject reports) should be completed and circulated with pupil and parent views and any key documentation from other professionals including Health and Social Care colleagues at least 2 weeks before the meeting date.

The Post Review Report should be submitted following all reviews within 10 days of the meeting. The Summary example may be used to record meeting minutes, or photographs/copies of the flipchart papers may be submitted alongside to evidence the discussions held.

Supporting Paperwork

These supporting documents can be used when planning annual review. Please use them to gather the views of the family and professionals ready for the Annual Review. These should be requested and circulated alongside the Setting Pre Review Report 2 weeks before the meeting.

Below are examples of Student Contributions which can be used to share a child or young person's views on their education, health and care. Settings can use these or any design that the child or young person would like to use e.g. PowerPoint, a song, a picture. Contributions should be selected because they appeal to the pupil and are appropriate to their level of understanding.