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Virtual School

Wokingham Virtual School

This page provides some basic information about the Wokingham Virtual School and resources for young people and carers.  Visit our official website for more information.


Contacting the Virtual School

Virtual School

For more information please contact Patrick Finegan, Headteacher of the Virtual School on Patrick.Finegan@wokingham.gov.uk; Sian Biddlecombe, Virtual School Deputy Headteacher on Sian.Biddlecombe@wokingham.gov.ukor our Admin officer, Alix Williams on Alix.Williams@wokingham.gov.uk or VirtualSchool.Admin@wokingham.gov.uk.

The Virtual School Website

The Virtual School have now launched our own website, which gives details of available resources and training.  You will be able to see details of our upcoming termly Conferences and any up to date advice.  You can find the website here: https://www.wokinghamvirtualschool.co.uk  

Message from Patrick Finegan - Virtual Head

As it is already very difficult for schools to host PEPs for their LAC, Wokingham Virtual School has decided to advise all adults who normally attend PEPs to hold the PEPs using other means that avoid face to face meetings. Fortunately, Wokingham uses an ePEP system run by eGOV, which allows the participants to enter all of their information remotely. To help communication I have decided to ask them to put all carers on the system so they can contribute to the PEP by supporting the young person with their views as well as using the messaging system to communicate with social workers and designated teachers. As with all professionals they will only see those children in their care.

If a PEP is booked before Easter please do not hold a meeting. If there are concerns about the young person’s progress, attendance or behaviour please put this on the system and message any professional you think needs to be aware of this. You may then wish to hold a phone call if action is needed.

As schools are effectively closed after Easter, please arrange PEPs in the normal way and then follow the advice above around communicating concerns. For any LAC, where there are no current concerns, each person should fill in their section as usual which would then be available for all professionals to see.

After Easter we were due to change the pupil premium plus system to give each LAC a set amount of money. We will suspend this until school life returns to normal as we expect we will need to review the needs of each child/young person on an individual basis and support them accordingly. If you have any urgent educational requests please do not hesitate to contact the Virtual School.

We hope this emergency will soon be over and until then the Virtual School will remain dedicated to supporting the education of all Wokingham Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children

Patrick Finegan - Virtual Head


Laptop/tablet computer

Wokingham Children in Care are entitled to a laptop computer or tablet to use for homework, leisure, etc.  The devices are provided with support, warranty and insurance for three years.  Care Leavers that are actively engaging with some form of continuing education also have the same entitlement.

A document with more details and the order form are available below.  

Note that due to the current situation, Stone aren't always finding it easy to source laptops/tablets and orders are taking longer than usual.


Support for Children in Care/Care Leaver tablets and laptops is provided via Stone Computers.  

Phone: 0844 880 1680 or e-mail: support@stonecomputers.com

Support is available 9am-8pm Mon-Fri and 10am-5pm Sat-Sun, via telephone or email (excluding Bank Holidays).  Calls will be charged at national call rates or less (note change in support hours from those shown on some earlier versions of the documentation)

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Music Tuition

Wokingham Children in Care are entitled to free specialist instrumental or vocal  music tuition if they request it.  Care Leavers that are actively engaging with some form of continuing education also have the same entitlement.  Subject to the availability of suitable teachers, the tuition can be on most common instruments such as flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, guitar or keyboard/piano.  It can also be vocal (singing) lessons.  

A document with more details and the application form are available below.  

Girl violin