Last updated:

11th October 2023

DfE Laptops scheme

Laptops for children with a social worker scheme

Laptops for 'Children with a Social Worker' scheme

  • In Summer 2020, DfE (the central government Department for Education) provided Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) with loan laptops to distribute to identified children and young people with a WBC social worker.  In a few cases loan 4G wireless routers were also provided.  

  • The laptops were intended to support children and young people to continue with learning at home whilst Covid 19 was having an impact on teaching and learning.
  • Wokingham Borough Council are continuing to provide a level of support for them for the time being through local company Waterman Solutions.  Families, young people, social workers or schools that were allocated a laptop under this scheme can access support from Waterman Solutions by email or by phone 0118 324 1133 during office hours Monday to Friday.  
  • In order to raise a support call with Waterman Solutions, you will need to provide the serial number of the laptop/tablet (or the IMEI number of the 4G router) so that Waterman know it is a genuine request relating to this scheme.
  • Most of the laptops were originally set up to be managed centrally by DfE's contractor but those arrangements ended on 30 Sept 2022.  Many of these laptops have now been reset to make them work correctly following the end of those arrangements.  If any schools or families have laptops provided under this DfE scheme that haven't yet been reset, please contact Waterman Solutions to agree how the reset process can be arranged.

Devices that are no longer being used

  • If any laptops, tablets or 4G routers are no longer being used, please contact Waterman Solutions so that arrangements can be made to pick up and reallocate them.

DfE 'Get help with technology' and Y10 laptop schemes

  • DfE also provided laptops to schools and academies under other Covid related schemes between Summer 2020 and Spring 2021.  These allocations were made directly to schools and weren't managed by Wokingham Borough Council.  
  • Please note that any laptops supplied by DfE direct to schools are not supported by Waterman Solutions.   Any queries regarding these laptops should be raised with the school or academy.

Other queries

  • If parents/carers or schools have queries about the DfE laptop schemes, please contact Waterman Solutions in the first instance.