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DfE Laptops Scheme

DfE Laptops Scheme Summer 2020

This page provides information about the Summer 2020 DfE scheme that aims to provide laptops for identified children and young people.  It includes Key documents, FAQs and information about accessing support.

Key documents


Frequently Asked Questions 

I cannot login to my Windows laptop – it is asking for the password for a user called .\localadmin and I don’t know it

Please refer to the printed document that came inside the laptop box. The correct username to use is .\localuser   (including .\ at the beginning as shown)

Why can’t I access some websites or download some programs I want?

The laptop is provided on loan to you in order to help you access remote learning resources from home during the current period of lockdown while schools are not fully open. It has been set up and is managed centrally via a DfE contract with the supplier which includes the provision of web filtering and device management to keep you safe.

I cannot find any Office/word processing programs on the laptop

The laptop can be used to access the Office apps online via a school Office365 account, if available, or using the free Office online option. Both of these can be accessed at www.office.com by signing in with your school Office365 username and password or with a personal Microsoft account. 

Or your school may provide you with a login for Google G Suite for Education to access Google online tools such as Google classroom, Google Drive and Google Docs.

Contact your school to find out what is available for you for remote learning.

What learning resources are available for me to use?

While you are unable to go to school during lockdown your school may have provided some work online or a list of learning resources published on their website or on an online education portal – for example Education City, Purple Mash, Show my Homework,  White Rose maths, Oak National Academy. Your school should be able to provide links to resources relevant to you, together with any required logins.

Accessing support

Families, young people, social workers or schools can email support@watermansolutions.co.uk or call 0118 324 1133 during office hours Monday to Friday to request technical support.  The person phoning will need to provide the serial number of the laptop/tablet (or the IMEI number of the 4G router) so that Waterman Solutions know it is a genuine request relating to this scheme.