Help and FAQs

Help and Frequently Asked Questions aimed at school users

Welcome to the new Wokingham Schools Hub Site

Finding content

  • If you can't find something, try the Search facility on the Home page.  Note that it is preferable to login before searching, as the search will only display pages that you are entitled to view.  If you aren't logged in and search for content that exists but is behind a login, the Search won't display that page until the user logs in.

Logging in

  • If you aren't logged in and you click on content that requires a login, you will be taken to the Access Denied page where you can click on the Login link. However, note that once have logged in, you will need to browse again to the page you were originally looking for.
  • Therefore, if you may want to access login only content during your visit to the Schools Hub, you will find it easiest if you login at the start of the session using the Log in link at the top of the home screen (or the login link below). 

Schools Hub Login

  • Once you have logged in, you will see a screen with some user details.  It is simplest if you click on the Home link at the top left then continue with your browsing session.  Although there is a button marked Edit on this screen, please don't click on this or change any of the details if you are using a shared login.

School login details

  • All schools and academies have a Shared login to the Schools Hub that can be used by any member of staff.  If you aren't sure of the Shared login for your school, please check with your Headteacher, School office or you can contact

'Create a new account' and 'Reset your password' options on Login page

  • Although there is an option on the Log in page to Create a new account, school colleagues are encouraged to use their Shared School logins (see above).  Although there is currently no restriction on creating your own login, doing so won't give access to any additional content. School users will still need to use their Shared School login to access login only content.
  • There is also an option on the Login page for users to reset their password.  For reference, in most cases, using this option will send an automatic password reset email to your school admin email address.  We suggest that schools don’t use this option with Shared Logins as it could cause confusion for other users in your school who won’t know that the password has changed.  If you aren't sure of the Shared login details for your school, please contact

Schools and Early Years Training Calendars

  • New versions of the Schools and Early Years Training Calendars are currently under construction by the Corporate Digital Change Team, but unfortunately they aren't yet ready.  As a temporary workaround, all currently available courses and network meetings have been listed in a spreadsheet on the relevant Training Calendar pages for schools/settings to download.  We will update the training spreadsheets as required.
  • We appreciate that this solution isn't ideal, but thank you for your patience as the Corporate Digital Change Team make these improvements to the Schools Hub.