Last updated:

18th September 2023

2023/24 Funding

Final Schools Block Budget

Please find below the Final Schools Block Budget. When opening up the spreadsheet please go to cell C9 and either input your school number in the format 872#### or select your number from the drop-down menu. You will need to "Enable Editing" at the top of the sheet to access the data.

When first opening the drop-down menu, it may appear blank, in which case simply use the slider to scroll up until you find your school number.

Scrolling to the right of the Proforma will show you the de-delegation table details. The de-delegated services are as follows: -

Contingencies - Accessible by maintained schools only to cover unforeseen costs that are one off in nature e.g., an in-year rate re-evaluation, Schools in financial difficulty, impact of academies / conversion.

Maintained Schools will not be charged for this service this year as there was no call on this fund since 2020/21. Therefore, the income from 2020/21 has been carried forward to 2023/24.

Staff costs supply cover (not sickness) – maternity, paternity, and jury cover for teaching staff, but not where cover is required due to sickness.

Should you have any queries concerning these documents then please don't hesitate to contact Katherine Vernon at