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Welcome to the Wokingham ‘ICT in Schools’ Team pages.  

About the Team

We have provided support, training and consultancy to local schools for over 15 years.  We are now able to offer our services to the wider education community across the South.  Our services include Computing, Online Safety, Digital Literacy and ICT Strategic Leadership and Management. 

You can find more details of our services from Kathy Smedley (ICT Consultant) kathy.smedley@wokingham.gov.uk    

Wokingham Primary Computing Curriculum Schemes of Work


Wokingham Primary Computing Schemes of Work *Updated 2022

Wokingham ICT in schools team developed the computing schemes of work in 2014 when the computing curriculum was updated. We have continued to update and improve the schemes in response to changes in technology and new guidance

There are 3 over-arching strands

Information Technology – this will include data, graphics, sound and multimedia

Digital Literacy – this will include effective use of search technologies, Keeping Safe in the Digital World by using technology safely and respectfully ensuring safe behaviours Online;

Computer Science - this unit focuses on programming, coding, and controlling devices but also has aspects of understanding computer networks including the internet.

Online safety is taught discretely in the 2 strands: Online Safety in a connected world - Keeping Safe Online and Online Safety - Keeping Safe in the Digital World but digital literacy underpins all units and strands where applicable.

Wokingham Computing Schemes (Feb 2020 updates)

Wokingham Computing Schemes of Work (WSOW) have been updated in the light of the new online safety guidelines, the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education, and the framework, Education for the Connected World. ​

There are two strands that have had a significant overhaul to incorporate this new guidance. 

Those strands are –  ​Keeping Children Safe Online – formally Communication and Collaboration and Keeping Safe in the Digital World - formally Digital Exploration.

Wokingham ICT Traded Service Schools can access the Computing schemes of work directly through the ICT and Computing Team. If any other schools want more information or to access the schemes then please contact the Team.