Last updated:

3rd August 2023

My learning

Instructions on how to access this site

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School access to Wokingham My Learning site

Some courses may involve use of the Wokingham 'My Learning' site. Instructions for accessing this site are provided below.

The Wokingham 'My Learning' site provides access to e-learning modules and related resources. Wokingham school users wishing to make use of ‘My Learning’ should click this link:

My Learning Login

If using for the first time, users need to use the option to ‘Create an account’.  This must be set up as an individual/personal account and the email address provided needs to be an individual rather than a shared account. Users can’t book places on behalf of another person.

Once the account is created, the account details will be used to login each time.

Some courses may be chargeable and the position regarding charging should be clear from the information provided in the ‘what we charge’ tab or in the course description.

The courses are intended to be accessed by all types of school, not just Local Authority schools.