Last updated:

10th October 2023

School Budget Monitoring

Period 6 Budget monitoring templates will be issued in October, and up to date procedure notes will be available on the website.  
The deadline for period 6 budget monitoring returns is Friday, 3rd November 2023.
If you are able to send in your P6 return before half term by Friday, 20th October 2023, we will aim to review these as soon as possible.  

The deadline for period 9 budget monitoring returns is Friday, 19th January 2024. 

For an acceptably completed return we must have the following documents, preferably by email. The FMS6 reports must all be run at the same time.

  • An electronic copy of the spreadsheet and scanned copies of the following:-

  • FMS6 Fund Review

  • FMS6 Proposed CFR report

  • Pages 4, 5 & 6 of the FMS6 I&E report (run to month 13)

  • The total page of an FMS6 dummy imprest (if relevant)

  • The signed front sheet of the spreadsheet – we can get all other details from the electronic version. This can follow later if waiting for it would mean the return missed the deadline.

   This is 7 pages in total (8 if including dummy imprest)