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Please note that due to the current situation, many training courses and meetings are being held online, often using Microsoft Teams.  Please check the specific details below.


Click on the course titles below to access more information.  To only view particular types of event, e.g. ICT, Leadership, NQT, Safeguarding, click on the Category drop down menu below.

Young people and cyber crime – a briefing for education professionals (ONLINE)

15/07/2020 13:30 - 16:00
This cyber security online event, hosted by SEGfL and South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU), is aimed at anyone working with children and young people, to provide them with background knowledge in how young people get into cyber crime, the opportunities available to support and how to develop their technical skills in a positive way. Suggestions will also be provided for protecting schools and workplaces from cyber attacks. You do not need any technical knowledge to attend. This event was previously arranged for 4 May but was cancelled because of the current situation.
Primary and Secondary
Education and social care professionals, school leaders, designated safeguarding leads, teachers, network managers/technical leads, school governors.  The session is intended to be relevant for primary (may be more immediately relevant for KS2) and secondary phase colleagues.
Cyber Choices session content (13.30-14.30)
·  Pathways into Cyber Crime
·  The need to safeguard young people
·  When and how to intervene professionally
·  The opportunities available to young people in the world of cyber
·  Personal and professional cyber security awareness techniques    

Cyber Protect session content (15.00-16.00)        
·   Why the education sector is regularly attacked
·   Remote working - top tips
·   How to handle Passwords
·   Steps to protect the move into the Cloud, Office 365, GSuite, etc
·   Cyber housekeeping – critical steps to keep the school safe
·   Backups - how they go wrong and getting them right

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Jez Rogers, Andy Rawlinson - Police Cyber Prevent Officer & Cyber Security Advisors, South East Regional Organised Crime Unit
Online training using Microsoft Teams
·   This course will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams. Please apply using the usual online booking form. A Teams Meeting link will be sent to the email address of those that apply, so please ensure you provide the email address of the person that will attend.  
·   If you received and responded to a direct calendar invitation to this event and already have the Microsoft Teams link, there is no need to apply again using the booking form noted below.
·   Course timings: 13.30-14.30 - Cyber Choices,15.00-16.00 - Cyber Protect. There will be a 30 minute break between the two topics but it will be run as a single Microsoft Teams event.
·   If anyone that wishes to attend doesn't have the Teams link, please email David.Congdon@wokingham.gov.uk as soon as possible.