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Please note that due to the current situation, many training courses and meetings are being held online, often using Microsoft Teams.  Please check the specific details below.


Click on the course titles below to access more information.  To only view particular types of event, e.g. ICT, Leadership, NQT, Safeguarding, click on the Category drop down menu below.

Cyber Security for all Staff

15/09/2022 16:00 - 17:00

Cyber security training for all school staff to help improve the school's cyber resilience.

What is happening in schools?

Why do schools have cyber attacks?

Cyber threats from outside school and inside school

Ways to defend yourself

School processes and defence against cyber attacks 

This training is based on the NCSC https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/information/cyber-security-training-schools 

All School Staff 

During this training we will look at how and why cyber attacks happen. We will also give you some tips to ensure you are practising good cyber hygiene in both the school and at home.

Kathy Smedley and Pete Hutchings (ICT Consultant - ICT in Schools Team)
Online using Microsoft Teams
£35 (Free to schools who have signed up to ICT Traded Services Package 2)