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How to support beginner learners of EAL in the primary classroom

04/10/2023 16:00 - 17:30
This course focuses on classroom practice and covers: 

• The varied backgrounds and needs of children who are newly arrived from abroad 

• Key messages about classroom provision for beginner learners of EAL, including ways in which the first language can support children’s learning 

• How to support beginner learners of EAL in your lessons, including discussion of classroom scenarios 

• Sources of learning materials to support beginner EAL pupils, including bilingual resources 

• An overview of the Racing to English materials to support English language intervention provision 

• Sources of further guidance

EAL coordinators; Teachers who have, or may have, beginner learners of EAL in their class
• Greater confidence in supporting teaching and learning of beginner learners of EAL 

• Understanding of the needs of new arrivals and beginner learners of EAL 

• Knowledge of classroom strategies and resources for beginner learners of EAL 

• Information on accessing further guidance materials and useful resources

Emily Waddilove
To be held via Microsoft Teams
The Teams invitation will be sent to those in our EAL contacts list. Other colleagues can book to attend by clicking on the booking link below.  
No charge