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Racial equity - Racial literacy curriculum framework for primary schools

22/11/2023 09:30 - 15:30

This session outlines key themes and learning objectives in the curriculum to support racial literacy development for pupils. 

Participants will be given some understanding of child development and cognition, and childhood experiences, in relation to age-appropriate racial literacy education. They will be equipped to audit their existing curriculums and will be introduced to practical tools to develop their critical evaluative skills. A range of subject specific and cross curricular resources to support racial literacy in school curriculums will be shared.

Led by Race Matters

Primary but Secondary colleagues encouraged to come

Senior leaders, racial equity leaders, preferably a person of colour member of staff. 

A primary course, but secondary colleagues are encouraged to attend. 

NB Those attending this course must have attended the Racial literacy course 

Knowledge enabling you to begin to plan for developing children’s racial literacy through your school’s curriculum, and of a framework for supporting this
Emily Waddilove
In-person venue tba upon booking
No charge